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Virtually every great artist credits his or her artistic development to the encouragement of engaged teachers, tutors and mentors. Young creative talent is delicate, so when talented artists are called to teach, they transform classrooms into nurturing environments where new generations are inspired to express themselves freely and joyously.

In preparation, the art education program develops not only your artistic understanding and capabilities, but also your skills in lesson planning, classroom instruction and assessment.

Like art itself, art education is a hands-on on program. Your studio work will include painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and photography instruction as well courses in art history. You’ll work with experienced, award-winning teachers – both on faculty and in the field – as professors and mentors. As you approach your student teaching semester, you will have completed more than one hundred real-world hours in public school classrooms.

Those are high achievements and valuable lessons. It’s no wonder that 100% of our students receive employment offers upon graduation.

Successful completion of the Art Education concentration leads to South Carolina Department of Education PK-12 licensure.


Our alumni work all over the world and in many different industries. They're super great.

Course and program highlights

This is an overview of the major courses you will take in the Art Education concentration. See the complete requirements listing by clicking the link below.

Freshman year

ART 105: Foundations I

Initial offering of two-semester integrated studies sequence for freshman art and interior design majors; prepares students for work at the upper levels in art and design; provides experiences addressing the five major program goals (communication; formal exploration; creative visual problem solving; exploration of tools, materials, and techniques; and investigation of history, theory, and methodologies. This course has a studio component and meets a total of 6 hours per week.

3 Credit Hours

ART 106: Foundations II

Continuation of topics/experiences in 105. This course has a studio component and meets a total of 6 hours per week.

Prerequisite(s): ART 105 or permission of instructor.

3 Credit Hours

Sophomore year

ART 281: Foundations of Art Education

Introduction to historical, philosophical, psychological, and theoretical assumptions which underlie the field; topics include history of art education and the role of art in education today; prominent theories of cognitive and artistic development from infancy through adolescence; stages of development in children’s art; current learning theory; and the fundamentals of curriculum theory and design.

3 Credit Hours

Junior year

ART 382: Elementary Art Methods

Introduction to instructional methods, materials, and assessment techniques suitable for use with elementary students; topics include instructional methods and skill development through application of a variety of media and techniques; promotion of aesthetic awareness and creativity; classroom management and safety; relationships with other disciplines; and criteria for student assessment.

Prerequisites:  ART 281 plus admission to Teacher Education Program.

3 Credit Hours

ART 384: Secondary Art Methods

Introduction to instructional methods, materials, and assessment techniques suitable for use with secondary students, including special attention to middle school students as well; topics include experimentation with a variety of materials and techniques, skill development in productive thinking, problem solving, planning, motivation techniques, instructional methods for diverse populations, classroom management and safety, and assessment.

Prerequisites: ART 281 plus admission to Teacher Education Program.

3 Credit Hours

Senior year

ART 481: Pre-Clinical/Senior Seminar in Art Education

Examination of current trends and issues in art education; topics may include new technologies and research in the field; interpersonal and advocacy skills; relevant ethical questions and issues; art education for exceptional populations; and resume/interview skills. An important aspect of this course entails 50 field hours in the student’s pre-clinical setting.

Prerequisites:  ART 382 and ART 384

2 Credit Hours


Our faculty share a commitment to teaching and are dedicated to student success.

Ann Bishop

Director of Art Education, Clinical Experience Supervisor, Adjunct Instructor of Art

Jo Carol Mitchell-Rogers

Professor of Art, Associate Dean of the South Carolina School of the Arts, Chair of the Art + Design Department

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